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12 Days of Charities: Alzheimer’s Association (Colorado Chapter)

12 Days of Charities: Alzheimer’s Association (Colorado Chapter)

For our 3rd annual 12 Days of Charities, we’ve partnered with another set of twelve fantastic charities in Colorado! Alzheimer’s Association: Colorado Chapter and the Craig Foundation work tirelessly and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Alzheimer’s Association: Colorado Chapter is an amazing non-profit organization that serves families affected by Alzheimer’s in Colorado.

Craig Foundation is another amazing charity dedicated to providing sustainable support to Craig Hospital where they treat patients with brain and spinal cord injuries.

Leading the Way for Alzheimer’s Care in Colorado

Over 76,000 Coloradans are living with Alzheimer’s. They often deal with it privately, not speaking of it with anyone. Alzheimer’s Association Colorado is a beacon of light for people and their families suffering from this disease. Their charity works hard to spread awareness, provide resources (to anyone affected, their families, caregivers and emergency responders), funding for research and so so much more.

Alzheimer’s Association is a volunteer-driven organization. The volunteers are trained, organize events and act as the heartbeat for this incredible charity.

Community Outreach

Alzheimer’s Association Colorado offers a wide range of information, educational programs, counseling for families, webinars and support groups (online and in-person). Their aim is to work on behalf of the families touched by this disease, providing as much support and education on Alzheimer’s as they can. In addition, the Association is the world’s leading non-profit funder of research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

In addition, they host signature events such as Walk to end Alzheimer’s, Purple Gala Event and a Summer Solstice event.

One of the most touching programs Alzheimer’s Association Colorado does is Memories in the Making. Where trained facilitators help people with Alzheimer’s recreate their memories through painting. Held in memory care residences across Colorado, the creations are looked at by a group of local artists, with the most unique and inspiring ones being framed and sold during the annual Purple Gala event. All profits from the festive auction are used to support ongoing Alzheimer’s Association programs and services.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in the US and the only major disease without prevention or cure. If it wasn’t for the amazing people at Alzheimer’s Association Colorado, many would suffer alone.

From its Roots to Where it is Now, Craig Foundation and Craig Hospital

Founded in 1907 by Frank Craig as a tuberculosis treatment center, Craig Hospital has grown and changed focus over the decades. The Craig Foundation was founded to support the Craig Hospital, attracting and engaging with a national community to provide finances for the hospital. Craig is one of the world’s most advanced spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation hospitals. Their mission is to provide exceptional patient and family-centered care, aiming for patients to have an optimized, independent life.

What makes the Craig Foundation such an amazing charity is the fact that they help with all aspects of the patient’s time at and after they leave Craig Hospital. Whether it is providing cutting-edge rehabilitation programs or helping patients remodel their homes for accessibility, they really do care about each and every one of their patients and their families.

Cutting Edge Care

Craig Hospital operates on a 460,000 square foot campus, where they typically treat 500 patients and 1,400 outpatients a year. The Craig Foundation provides sustainable support for programs not covered by insurance, funds research, and helps patients meet their urgent financial needs. This care has enhanced the quality of the lives of so many.

What Craig Hospital and Craig Foundation do for patients dealing with spinal cord and brain injury is unmatched.

Vote For Your Favorite Charity!

Now that you know more about the great things both Alzheimer’s Association: Colorado Chapter and Craig Foundation do, you can vote for them here. The winner will receive a free graphics video, courtesy of Frozen Fire that can spread the word about who they are and what they do!

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