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12 Days of Charities: Clear Creek Advocates

12 Days of Charities: Clear Creek Advocates

For our 3rd annual 12 Days of Charities we’ve partnered with another set of twelve fantastic charities in Colorado! Clear Creek County Advocates and Work Options work tirelessly and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Clear Creek County Advocates is an amazing non-profit organization who serves survivors of crime and trauma. Their brigade of well-trained, dedicated volunteers stands ready to assist all victims.

Work Options is another wonderful non-profit charity that helps adult students prepare for, find and maintain meaningful careers in the foodservice industry.

Clear Creek County Advocates, and Their Fight for Victims

When it comes to fighting for victims of crime and critical incidents look no further than Clear Creek County Advocates. Founded in 1989, they have been serving the Clear Creek community for thirty-two years. Originally a domestic violence charity, Clear Creek County Advocates has expanded to all services of crime and critical incidents.

Their amazing team is comprised of a staff of three, with ten to fifteen volunteers working tirelessly around the clock.

What they Do

Clear Creek County Advocates works closely with law enforcement but is a separate entity. They will be dispatched to a crime scene or critical incident and will work with the survivor through their healing process. They even work with visitors who come to Clear Creek if involved in an incident.

To become a volunteer for Clear Creek County Advocates, give them a call at 303-679-2426. They offer a 60-hour training course. This intensive training focuses on all aspects of the victim healing process.

Work Options, Knife Skills and Life Skills

Work Options, a free culinary job training program founded in 1997, transforms the lives of people who face employment barriers in the industry. Their unique charity offers students a chance to learn, as the title suggests, knife skills and life skills. They offer a six-week free training program, with three locations and one internship site across the Denver metro area. Their ultimate focus is to provide hands-on culinary training and wrap-around support services to help adults achieve sustained employment.

The Food Industry is Desperate for Employees

In the growing years and most recently with Covid-19, the food industry has faced a shortage of new employees entering the workforce. This is where Work Options come into play! They help individuals re-entering the community after incarceration, people with little or no work experience, and those facing other barriers such as homelessness, a chance to break into this industry. Wok Options training helps them prepare for a career that will change their lives, in an industry that needs workers now more than ever!

One of Work Options’ success stories, Melony, created a career for herself when she restructured a Mexican restaurant chain’s health and safety protocols after they failed multiple health inspections. She now provides mini health inspections for Mexican restaurants regularly to keep within the health inspection code. This is just one of many avenues someone can take at Work Options.

Vote For Your Favorite Charity!

Now that you know more about the great things both Clear Creek County Advocates and Work Options do, you can vote for them here. The winner will receive a free graphics video, courtesy of Frozen Fire that can spread the word about who they are and what they do!

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