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12 Days of Charities: Denver Children’s Home

12 Days of Charities: Denver Children’s Home

For our 3rd annual 12 Days of Charities, we’ve partnered with another set of twelve fantastic charities in Colorado! Denver Children’s Home and Brave Young Hearts work tirelessly and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Denver Children’s Home is an amazing non-profit organization that serves children who have survived trauma, neglect and abuse confront serious mental health challenges.

Brave Young Hearts is another outstanding non-profit organization that gives children with terminal or life-threatening diseases an outdoor adventure of their dreams.

Denver Children’s Home, A Beacon of Light For Children in Need

With the highest-quality, trauma-informed care, Denver Children’s Home aims to help the kids build proper coping skills to deal with whatever life throws at them. Their services work to meet the needs of each individual child, with residential services, day treatments, and in-home therapy. Denver Children’s Home works in the community make a big difference in the lives of so many!

The Community Impact

Denver Children’s Home’s mission is central to everything they do. Every interaction with these kids is seen as an opportunity to help them grow. This creates a therapeutic relationship, instilling a sense that things will get better. Trauma, abuse, and neglect can have negative effects on a child, if it wasn’t for Denver Children’s Home, most of them would not know how to deal with their problems. Fun fact: DCH is the oldest nonprofit in the state of Colorado!

Brave Young Hearts, Spreading Joy to Children with Terminal Illnesses

Brave Young Hearts, an organization that gives kids with terminal illnesses a chance to experience the adventures of their dreams! They experience everything from deep-sea fishing, rock climbing, whale watching and so so much more. As one of Denver’s nonprofits, they enable kids to enjoy a fun and encouraging trip with their loved ones.

The Impact of Brave Young Hearts

By touching the lives of these children and their families, Brave Young Hearts raises awareness about these rare and terminal diseases. These kids’ stories act as a beacon that will hopefully lead to a cure.

The lives, stories, and awareness Brave Young Hearts has spread is something special. It truly warms our hearts to have them in our 12 Days of Charities. What they do goes a long way for the families and children who are going through a terminal illness.

As Brave Young Hearts would say; these children that are enduring the fight against terminal or life-threatening diseases get to dream and plan something special. Then it happens… and it’s everything they ever hoped it would be!!! That’s why Brave Young Hearts exists, to grant an outdoor adventure to these kiddos.

Vote For Your Favorite Charity!

Now that you know more about the great things both Denver Children’s Home and Brave Young Hearts do, you can vote for them here. The winner will receive a free graphics video, courtesy of Frozen Fire that can spread the word about who they are and what they do!

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