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12 Days of Charities: Denver Rescue Mission

12 Days of Charities: Denver Rescue Mission

For our 3rd annual 12 Days of Charities, we’ve partnered with another set of twelve fantastic charities in Colorado! Denver Rescue Mission and Historic Grant Avenue work tirelessly and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Denver Rescue Mission is an amazing non-profit organization that serves the homeless. They work around the clock to make sure each and every one of these individuals has a bed and food.

Historic Grant Avenue is another outstanding charity dedicated to offering affordable housing and event space for Denver’s local businesses.

Fight Homelessness, Denver Rescue Mission

Denver Rescue Mission, established 130 years ago, has helped men, women, and children who are experiencing homeless stay warm, fed and work towards creating a life for themselves. They have six locations in the Denver Metro Area, one of which is the Lawrence Street Shelter, also known as the “Jesus saves” building.

With the onset of COVID, Denver Rescue Mission has opened a 24/7 shelter alongside the city of Denver, this allows them to get people off the streets and into a safe, warm space. In addition, they provided over 800,000 meals last year!

Denver Rescue Mission provides meals 365 days a year, with the majority of the food coming from donations through the community and other organizations.

Community Impact

The organization is community-driven, hosts a variety of events and aims to help all homeless people in Denver overcome their struggles. They offer a variety of transitional programs, these range from helping individuals get their driver’s licenses to overcoming greater challenges.

Denver Rescue Mission will remain a beacon of hope for anyone who is going through a rough period in their life.

The History Behind Historic Grant Avenue

Historic Grant Avenue is a non-profit organization whose focus is providing safe and affordable event spaces to those in the arts, culture, continued education, and spiritual enrichment for all of Denver’s unique and diverse communities. Located in a historic landmark, Historic Grant Avenue supports 100+ nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and start-ups giving them the opportunities to host their events and lessons from; board meetings, group therapy, art classes, music lessons, rehearsals, theater performances, orchestra concerts, to seminars and more allowing these groups to focus on fulfilling their mission and goals. 

The rooms are available to rent range in sizes from the smallest room holding 10-13 to the largest holding 400 people. This allows nonprofits, startups, and small businesses to have affordable event space for anything they could need. 

Historic Grant Avenue is excited to announce their newest Coworking Shared Space, Creative Community Lounge, launching January 2022. The way to reserve a space is through their submission form. After submitting a form, Historic Grant Avenue will reach out and offer an opportunity to tour the event space.

Community Outreach

During COVID, Historic Grant Avenue wanted to keep the spirit of the community alive. They hosted Concerts on the Corner which took place on Historic Grant Avenue. The families who lived in the neighborhood could sit outside, enjoy a concert and be socially distant. This is just an example of one of the many events Historic Grant Avenue hosts.

Events like these helped the community stay together through such a difficult time.

Vote For Your Favorite Charity!

Now that you know more about the great things both Denver Rescue Mission and Historic Grant Avenue do, you can vote for them here. The winner will receive a free graphics video, courtesy of Frozen Fire that can spread the word about who they are and what they do!

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