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12 Days of Charities: Judi’s House

12 Days of Charities: Judi’s House

For our 3rd annual 12 Days of Charities, we’ve partnered with another set of twelve fantastic charities in Colorado! Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition and Judi’s House work tirelessly and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition is an amazing non-profit organization that serves veterans and their families. They stop at nothing to make sure veterans of Clear Creek are taken care of.

Judi’s House is another outstanding charity dedicated to helping children and their families overcome trauma from the death of a loved one. Their doors provide a beacon of healing.

A Sanctuary For Grieving Families, Judi’s House

Judi’s House, an organization dedicated to helping grieving families and children overcome trauma. Founded by Brian and Brook Griese, the name ‘Judi’ is the name of Brian’s mother, who he lost at 12 years old to breast cancer. Along Brian’s path to healing, he realized he wanted to give back to children and young adults who have lost someone in their lives.

According to the Judi’s House and JAG Institute Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model, 1 out of 15 Colorado children will experience the death of a parent or sibling by their 18th birthday. Without appropriate support, unaddressed childhood grief and trauma can lead to short-and-long-term difficulties including decreased academic performance, mental health issues, and early mortality. This is where Judi’s House comes in.

07/14/2017 DENVER, CO- Judi’s House and the JAG Institute in Denver on Friday, July 14, 2017 in Denver, CO. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon)

Healing Process

Judi’s House provides group counseling to grieving children and their families at Judi’s House and in the community. Individuals are grouped with peers of the same age and similar death experiences. Groups are facilitated by licensed counselors and trainees who incorporate connection, education, coping, and caregiving skills. Pathfinders, a 10-session program, use art, play, and activities to uniquely reach each person. Youth meet with peer groups while adults discuss the challenges of raising grieving children and receive support for their own grief.

When appropriate, Judi’s House also offers family, couples, and individual counseling. These services are offered at no cost to participating families thanks to philanthropic contributions from the community.

Judi’s Place has helped more than 12,000 children and families who have stepped through their doors. They will continue to be that beacon of healing for anyone who is suffering from a loss of a loved one.

Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition

Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition is an amazing charity dedicated to helping Veterans in the Clear Creek area. With over 1,600 Veterans in the area, they provide all sorts of services for these individuals. During COVID, Clear Creek County was suffering from a shortage of food. CCC Advocates stepped up, providing over 250,000 pounds of food in a 90 day period.

When it comes to supporting Veterans, Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition has a board comprising various organizations in Clear Creek. They mobilize to support the community, which helps fight off homelessness for Veterans.

Community Outreach

CCC Veterans Coalition hosts and participates in a variety of events, these events include Wreaths Across America, a 9/11 memorial at Black Hawk and a Veterans Day Dinner. The organization is a coalition of good people representing an underrepresented community.

All Veterans matter and Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition will always work towards bettering the lives of their community.

The board that makes up the CCC Veterans Coalition include Elks Lodge, Masonic Lodge, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Clear Creek County United Church, First Baptists Church, Project Support Senior Center, Friends of Childless Palace, Sheriff’s Department, Fire Authority, Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus and the Recreational Center.

Vote For Your Favorite Charity!

Now that you know more about the great things both Judi’s House and Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition do, you can vote for them here. The winner will receive a free graphics video, courtesy of Frozen Fire that can spread the word about who they are and what they do!

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