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5 Beautiful Places in Colorado for Pictures: Idaho Springs Edition

5 Beautiful Places in Colorado for Pictures: Idaho Springs Edition

It’s no secret that Idaho Springs is filled with all of the beauty you can expect from Colorado – and more. When taking a trip through such a stunning place surrounded by nature, it can be hard to know where to go to take those Instagram-worthy pictures. Look no further, because here are 5 beautiful places in Colorado that are perfect for your vacation photos.

Genesee Interchange Bridge

Beautiful Places in Colorado - Genessee Interchange Bridge

If you’re taking a road trip along I-70, this is one of the first great photo opportunities along your way. Just a bit before Idaho Springs, this bridge gives you the perfect view of the Rocky Mountains. Take in the skyline and take a picture to capture it almost as well. This unobstructed view is unlike any of the other beautiful places in Colorado.

Echo Lake Park

Beautiful Places in Colorado - Echo Lake Park Sunset

Echo Lake Park can be a trip in itself or a stop on the way to yet another attraction. There are surrounding hikes and, best of all, a stunning view. Surrounded by breathtaking nature – the lake, the forest, and the mountains in the distance – is as peaceful as it gets. It’s impossible to take a bad photo of this place!

This is definitely towards the top of the list of beautiful places in Colorado. Part of the Denver Mountain Parks system, Echo Lake Park is not just beautiful, but also has some historical significance. Whether you’re stopping in to for a hike or just to take in the sites, you can’t go wrong.

Juniper Pass Picnic Area

The Juniper Pass Picnic Area has more to it than the name would suggest. This is a great place to take panoramic pictures or to watch the sunrise or sunset. As beautiful as it is in pictures, it truly takes your breath away in person.  Not only will you get to enjoy the amazing scenery among the mountains, there are also opportunities here for hiking, camping, and fishing. You can get pictures of yourself in action or just taking in the view.

Beautiful Places in Colorado -Juniper Pass Picnic Area

There are a few other beautiful Colorado places on your way up to Juniper Pass. Stop in one of these along the drive to take in the forest, the stars, and the incredible skyline. The drive up is just as stunning as the pass itself. This is certainly a stop you won’t want to miss.

Rock House at Loch Lomond in St. Mary’s Glacier

Beautiful Places in Colorado - Rock House at Lock Lomond View

Rock House – it’s exactly how it sounds. Climb up to the top of a great pile of stones and see the view from a new perspective. You can play “king of the world” – and because of the view, you won’t have to imagine much! To add to the fun, you and your friends and family can add to the “house.” Bring in rocks of your own to build up this site of excitement and views.

This view of the mountains is magnificent and a perfect place to take some fun, personality photos. You’ll be able to make amazing memories here at this beautiful Colorado place. And, with its close proximity to Idaho Springs, a yummy dinner and a comfy bed are never far away.

Chinns Lake in St. Mary’s Glacier

Beautiful Places in Colorado - Chinns Lake at St. Mary's Glacier on a Sunny Day

Chinns Lake is the view that we had a few beautiful places back. Now we are up close and personal with this stunning lake and the views are still just as amazing! Enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing in and around this blue, blue lake. This is a great place to take pictures of you and your pup, as the trails and area are dog-friendly.

As far as beautiful places in Colorado go, Idaho Springs is certainly not lacking. You can find incredible photo opportunities around every corner! In addition to the amazing views and nearby natural oases, the quaint downtown is another great place for adorable pictures – perfect for your Instagram. Idaho Springs is one of the most beautiful places in Colorado, and you’ll soon have the pictures to prove it!

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