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Best Fall Hikes in Colorado: Idaho Springs Edition

Best Fall Hikes in Colorado: Idaho Springs Edition

You will simply be FALL-ing in love with Idaho Springs this time of year! That’s why we’ve made an Idaho Springs edition of the best fall hikes in Colorado. The weather is unbe-leaf-able right now, so grab your gear and head down to these places:

  1. Chief Mountain: Get 360-degree views on this 3.1-mile-long trail and see some beautiful wild flowers on the way.
  2. St. Mary’s Glacier: A classic hike to do in Idaho Springs made even better with the fall scenery!
  3. Loch Lomond: Here’s an easier trail to hike or drive up with some great views along the way.
  4. Bridal Veil Falls: You can view this waterfall from Water Wheel Park, an easy stroll from Downtown with lots of history.

After you experience some of the best fall hikes in Colorado, you can head back to town and carve out some good times with these pumpkin-themed fall drinks!

Go Big or Gourd Home

Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub really knocks the pumpkin flavor out of the park with their limited edition seasonal beer. Crack a cold “Pumperial” Imperial Pumpkin Ale or a Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale and enjoy the crisp autumn air. This batch will be available until November, and is brewed with pumpkin spice as well as pumpkin filling to make it taste like pumpkin pie in a drink. If you grab one in-house, they’ll also rim the glass with a pumpkin spice mix made of cinnamon, nutmeg, and granulated sugar to finish out the flavor profile.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Thank goodness The Frothy Cup is giving us the traditional Pumpkin Spice Latte to warm up with after you take one of the best fall hikes in Colorado. Their lattes are made with real pumpkin sauce, when available, or with a homemade sauce base made with nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. They also offer a fall signature tea made with cinnamon, orange, and black tea with no sweeteners, as well as both spicy and sweet chai tea lattes.

We definitely have the pick of the patch when it comes to beautiful scenery and delicious drinks. You can tell we love pumpkin spice a LATTE, and hope you’ll come visit for a gourd time with the best fall hikes in Colorado!

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