1. Monday, Aug 10. 2020
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Vote for your favorite Idaho Springs businesses!

We love our businesses in Idaho Springs, Colorado and want to let them know how great they are! For the second year in a row, you can vote for your favorite businesses in Idaho Springs and support them in their quest to be the best. You may vote once each day, so why not set yourself a quick daily reminder to help support your favorite businesses in Idaho Springs? Every vote matters, so don’t forget to also share your favorite businesses on social media to get the word out.

Idaho Springs, Colorado is overflowing with unique businesses – if you know them, you love them! To find out more about all of these great businesses, check out:

Which businesses are the best? Submit your vote for your favorite business and then tell us who you voted for! Use the hashtag #BestOfIdahoSprings to share your favorites.

Voting is open now through August 7th – make sure to spread the word so your favorite business will come out on top! And remember, you may vote once each day!

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