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Bet On Casinos Near Idaho Springs, Colorado

Bet On Casinos Near Idaho Springs, Colorado

Idaho Springs has dozens of attractions within its city limits, but its central location also gives visitors access to casino galore – a gambler’s dream.  Casinos provide an opportunity for some grown-up fun. Whether you’re visiting the area with friends for a vacation, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or just looking for a high-stakes and entertaining evening, these casinos near Idaho Springs, Colorado deliver an experience that completes your trip!

Black Hawk

Located less than 15 miles from downtown Idaho Springs, Black Hawk is a town filled with more than a dozen casinos to suit anyone’s preferences. With everything from classic casino games and premium slot machines to food and spas, these casinos have wide offerings and great atmospheres to match!  There is something for everyone at these casinos:

Central City

Just over 10 miles outside of downtown Idaho Springs, Central City brings you the best casinos and gaming locale to make your nights as thrilling as your days spent river rafting and riding ATVs through Colorado’s nature.  Central City offers about half as many casinos as Black Hawk. These casinos near Idaho Springs will certainly be enough to quench your thirst for a little bit of calculated risk.

A Match Made in Heaven

In terms of games, there is a virtually limitless range of options for the gambler inside of you. From live table games to thousands of different slot machines, the casino is your oyster and you know the name of the game. 

Live Table Games

Craps is always a fun option for those who want the thrill of gambling, but also possess a playful attitude.  With a variety of bets, this game of chance provides many opportunities to win big. Step up to the table and learn quick for your chance to be the king of Craps.

Roulette provides an opportunity to hang close to friends or to make new ones! With up to eight players and varying amounts of risk, you can be social and cautious (or daring), while having a great time. This game will leave you spinning or bring you luck!

Blackjack is the ultimate casino classic.  With casinos featuring both the standard (21) version of the game, as well as modern twists, there is no way to go wrong with a friendly game of Blackjack. This game doesn’t just require luck, but also strategy – take the gamble on this wild ride.

Poker takes many forms and goes by many names.  In many of the casinos near Idaho Springs, you will find tables showcasing the timeless Texas Hold ‘Em variation.  A game well-enjoyed across the world, Poker is said to be best appreciated in a casino environment. Take the chance on your hand and bet, bet, bet to win big at one of these poker tables.


Slots are the simple yet addictive game that are the staples of any modern casino. Throughout the casinos in Black Hawk and Central City, you will find thousands of slot machines boasting different options. Whether you are looking to enjoy traditional slot machines or new and flashy ones, the jackpot is waiting for you!

Hedge Your Bets

Hedge your bets and settle in for a good time at any one (or more than one) of these casinos near Idaho Springs, Colorado. With options and games for everyone’s taste, convenient locations near your daytime hotspots, and more, you can’t go wrong with a visit to these casinos. Open 24/7, you can enjoy their amenities any time you feel an itch to take the gamble.

While you’re in the area, check out some delicious food stops to fuel you up for a night of casino fun and adventurous and historical attractions to enjoy your days.

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