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Brave Young Hearts

Brave Young Hearts

“An amazing and generous group of people.”  Giving back is very important to us at This IS Idaho Springs, and this is the perfect time of year to give a little extra! That’s why we’re partnering with 12 great charities in the Denver Metro area, such as Brave Young Hearts, to highlight the great work that’s happening all year round!

What They Do

Brave Young Hearts gives kids with terminal illnesses across the country the opportunity to experience the adventures of their dreams! They experience everything from deep sea fishing to rock climbing to whale watching and more. They have sent kids on adventures to islands off the coast of Florida, national parks in Colorado, Sea World in Texas, Disneyland in California, and more! These kids get the chance to enjoy a fun and encouraging trip with their family while they are experiencing one of the hardest trials.

After their granddaughter was diagnosed and taken away by Neurofibromatosis, the founders of Brave Young Hearts wanted her legacy to live on! They look to bring joy to the lives of children and their families who are suffering from rare, life-threatening, and terminal diseases. This encouragement goes a long way as these families get to spend quality time together on an unforgettable adventure.

Community Impact

By touching the lives of these kids and families across the country, awareness about rare and terminal diseases is spread with their story. The joy these adventures bring are life-altering and make an impact in the lives of world-changers: the kids and their families. To get involved in their efforts, visit their website and see how you can help.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Now that you know more about the great work of Brave Young Hearts, vote for them to win a free video that can spread the word about who they are and what they do! 

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