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Cabin Creek Brewing: New Brewery in Georgetown, CO

Cabin Creek Brewing: New Brewery in Georgetown, CO

cabin creek brewing Georgetown Colorado

A new neighbor has popped up right down the road! This new brewery in Georgetown, CO is a showroom brewery with local beers, a few good eats, and a great atmosphere! Cabin Creek Brewing is right on Georgetown Lake and offers incredible views to go with the brews. They broke ground on the brewery last year and have been tirelessly working to bring you this masterpiece (which will be ready for in-person dining and drinking after COVID)!

Beer, Beer, & More Beer!

Not only does the brewery in Georgetown, CO brew up their own beers, they also serve beers from other local spots! As guest taps, they offer:

Want to grab their beers to-go? Now you can! Cabin Creek has ready-to-go 19.2 oz. cans that you can fill and seal on the spot. They also have pre-filled cans to grab and go! Their beers have unique flavoring reminiscent of the Rockies and the beauty that’s all around!

There’s Food, Too!

When Cabin Creek fully opens, you can expect this brewery in Georgetown, CO to have unique takes on pizza, like Greek Pizza and Chili Chicken Pizza, as well as burgers, steak, and fish n’ chips! Enjoying a delicious bite goes perfectly with their brews. Get your fill of food and beer from Cabin Creek!

A Great Place to Be (After COVID-19)

cabin creek brewing Georgetown Colorado

Once the coronavirus quarantine passes and it’s safe to return to restaurants, Cabin Creek is looking to be open daily, so you can get their beers any day of the week. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the place – including that amazing view of the lake!

Just a few minutes away from Idaho Springs, this brewery in Georgetown, CO is a great new spot to add to your list of must-visits. Food, drink, and fun await here!

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