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Clear Creek Greenway Development In Its Element

Clear Creek Greenway Development In Its Element

Stewarding the natural beauty of Colorado is important for locals and for tourists – so everyone can continue to enjoy the amazing things this state has to offer for a long time to come. The Clear Creek Greenway development is an incredible initiative that aims to do just that. It will provide a long stretch of land that offers tons of recreational opportunities, creating an amazing place to experience the magnificence of Idaho Springs.

The Greenway is Underway

The Clear Creek Greenway has been in the works for almost 30 years, with the ultimate goal in mind of covering the entirety of the county. Starting at the Jefferson county line and ending at the Eisenhower tunnel, this trail will allow you to enjoy all of the local amenities and still have the amazing outdoor experiences you desire.

Spanning approximately 39 miles, the Clear Creek Greenway has been designed to incorporate as many recreational opportunities as possible. From hiking, biking, ziplining, and rock climbing to fishing, rafting, and kayaking, the Greenway will be a perfect escape to stunning nature and fresh air.

With a Green Sheen

The Clear Creek Greenway has been planned to increase the number of recreational opportunities in the area and drive tourism to the towns in the county. With strategic direction taken to create parks and stops along the trail near businesses, both tourists and locals will benefit – and not just because of the preservation.

As of right now, several sections of the Clear Creek Greenway have already been built, others are in development, and others are still in the planning stage. Being such a huge undertaking with a big goal in mind, the Clear Creek Greenway has taken a lot of effort, but the reward will be worth it. With the partnership of the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Greenway Authority has been able to expedite development and grow the impact of this trail.

Idaho Springs in the Middle

The town of Idaho Springs is right in the middle of this amazing preservation and recreational development. With its quaint downtown area and historical attractions, it can only add to the benefits of the Clear Creek Greenway. While hiking or biking along the trail, people can stop in to stay or just grab a bite to eat. The town is excited to be part of a project that is growing the area and preserving its beauty!

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