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Great Activities to Pair with Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs

Great Activities to Pair with Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs

Those who have hit the river with Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting know how exciting their day of Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs can be. Their adrenaline was pumping, their arms were a little sore and they couldn’t wait for the next adventure. Even though the season has ended, remember these perfect pairings to compliment Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs.

Where to Relax in Idaho Springs

Those who have conquered Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs know that it is not an easy feat! The strenuous nature of whitewater rafting Clear Creek in Idaho Springs means everyone could use some rest and relaxation. The rafting season should be back in full swing by May 2022 so plan a rafting trip once again and stay in town afterward to check out these awesome options.

Clear Creek County Acupuncture & Holistic Health is the perfect place to visit for a post-rafting spa day. With offerings including acupuncture, a sauna and Tibetan Foot Soaks, you are sure to leave feeling rejuvenated.

After a day full of adventure your muscles will probably be screaming for relief. The experts at Idaho Springs Massage will relax and restore your muscles with massages ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

You can also treat yourself to a day of pampering at the Indian Hot Springs. Their 90o F hot spring-fed mineral water swimming pool is the perfect complement after your raft ride through the colder waters of Clear Creek!

The Rafting Season is Over but the Thrills are Still Here

Even though the season is over, don’t fret! Idaho Springs and the surrounding area has a ton of activities year-round.

The Frozen Fire Ice Rink is fun for the whole family. Their innovative, eco-friendly Glice® lets you skate no matter the season! Enjoy the Clear Creek community and ride in their bumper cars (available on select days).

As August comes to an end the Colorado aspens change colors, and you are in the perfect town for some leaf peeping! Squaw Pass runs from Idaho Springs to Evergreen and is an awesome, low-key spot to view some beautiful trees.

Autumn also means falling temperatures as the first of Colorado’s snow begins to fall. The states skiers and snowboarders suit up and plan their trips west of Idaho Springs. You can bet many parks will be open by late November such as the Loveland Ski Area and Echo Mountain.

From heart-pounding adventures to relaxing spa packages, Idaho Springs has plenty of activities to perfectly compliment your rafting trip.

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