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Everything to Know About the New Idaho Springs, Colorado Ice Rink

Everything to Know About the New Idaho Springs, Colorado Ice Rink

Where Is the Ice Rink?

If you’re looking for a brand new Colorado ice rink, then Idaho Springs is the spot! Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District (CCMRD) Presents The Frozen Fire Ice Rink at Digger Field located just off Interstate 70, less than 40 minutes from Denver. The rink is on the grounds of the town’s beloved football field where games were played up until recent years. The ice rink is an exciting new chapter for Digger Field!

What Is the Rink Made Of?

The Frozen Fire Ice Rink is unlike any other Colorado ice rink. Instead of traditional ice, the surface is a synthetic material known as Glice. Over 2,000 rinks in 85 countries have been built using Glice. Most skaters say they can’t even tell the difference from skating on natural ice. Professional hockey players, figures skaters, and countless recreational skaters have endorsed Glice. The rink is also very eco-friendly. It requires minimal maintenance, it is 100% recyclable and nontoxic, and it creates significantly fewer emissions than natural ice rinks. Most excitingly, Glice is not dependent on temperature and can be skated on year-round.

Are Safety Precautions Being Taken?

Outdoor recreation is more important now than ever. Local health officials have supported the ice rink as a safe option for outdoor activity. Outdoor activities present a lower risk of exposure to the virus. Exercise is also a proven remedy for depression and other mental health challenges. Online reservations are required, so plan ahead to visit our Colorado ice rink. Masks will be required at all times. Social distancing will be encouraged throughout the area and the maximum capacity for each ice skating session will be 10 individuals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Admission for each session will be $7 per person. Each session will be 60 minutes. There will be 15 minutes in between sessions to allow for disinfection. Skate rentals will be available for $3. For a limited time, you can also take advantage of our holiday special by purchasing a punch card. For only $50 the card will give you entrance to 7 sessions with skate rental included.

You can also sponsor a free skating session! Our generous sponsors play a huge role in funding the ice rink. A $150 donation will give the community a chance to skate free of charge. Sessions will be limited to 10 people and your generosity will be rewarded with advertisements for the session on our social media and website. There are also print banner sponsorship opportunities along with mentions on all of our outlets. Contact us today to learn about our Copper, Silver, Gold, and Molybdenum Sponsor Packages!

Will There Be Activities?

Yes, stay tuned for plenty of fun outdoor activities at The Frozen Fire Ice Rink! We have plans for family nights, winter farmer’s markets, food trucks, night skating, and much more. There are also recreational programs coming soon to the newest Colorado ice rink. Keep your eyes on our social media for announcements about curling, figure skating, and hockey leagues.

Where Can I Learn More?

Follow us on social media to stay up to date on The Frozen Fire Ice Rink. We’ll be sharing photos and updates on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also give the rec center a call at 303-567-4822 with any questions! Book your reservations now!

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