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Road Trippin’ through 2 Beautiful Colorado Mountain Towns

Road Trippin’ through 2 Beautiful Colorado Mountain Towns

If you’re road tripping around Denver, a quick stop in Idaho Springs and Georgetown is an ideal adventure. These two Colorado mountain towns offer the perfect mix of beauty, adventure, history, and fun! Two jam-packed days of great food, incredible sights, and the friendliest people? Count us in!

Bonus – Idaho Springs is less than 13 miles from Georgetown! So you can hit both towns and still have time to spare. Less time driving and more time exploring and enjoying!

Day 1

Day 1 sees us in stunning Idaho Springs enjoying nature, food, shopping, and adventure!

Breakfast in the Best Way Possible

Main Street Restaurant in Idaho Springs - a Colorado Mountain Town - Pancake Flight

Start your day of leisurely with a breakfast that is so delicious, it’s almost unheard of!  Stop in at Main Street Restaurant and have your choice of a classic American breakfast. If you can’t decide (because everything is just that good), go for their pancake flight and get a taste of everything. The day has just begun and you’ve already experienced the sweet taste of these Colorado mountain towns.

You’re Sure to Like the St. Mary’s Glacier Hike

Hiking in Colorado Mountain Towns is Beautiful

St. Mary’s Glacier is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Idaho Springs. After all, what’s a better way to experience Colorado mountain towns than from the mountains themselves? This hike should only take around 2 hours – including drive time – depending on how long you want to enjoy the view. Find out more about this hike and this view here.

Don’t Knock It

Colorado Mountain Towns Have the Best Burgers

Tommyknocker Brewery is the lunch stop of your dreams – no, really. With great burgers and sandwiches, a variety of salads, great starters, and specialties like fish & chips, you can’t go wrong! No matter what you choose, your tummy will be satisfied and you will be ready to take on the rest of your adventure!

Shop Until You Drop (But There’s Still More to Do!)

vivid earth tie dyes

The best of the best and nothing less!  That’s what you’ll get in the way of souvenirs and great gifts in these Colorado mountain towns. Take a little time to peruse the fantastically unique stores all along Miner St. in Idaho Springs. We suggest popping into Vivid Earth Tie Dyes, winner of Best Apparel in the 2020 Best Of Idaho Springs contest, and Margie’s Place to find your newest treasure! What gems await?

Ride the Wave (or Rapid)

Rafting in Colorado Mountain Towns - Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs, CO

For family adventurers and beginners alike, this is the perfect way to round off the afternoon. What is summer in Colorado mountain towns without rafting? Clear Creek Rafting is a great option for fun trips that don’t take too much time out of your day. Enjoy a Class II or Class III trip and ride the waves all the way to dinner time.

Satisfied with a Steak

Now it’s time to close out the day with an absolutely unforgettable meal at MTN Prime. With steaks galore, to-die-for seafood, and tons of options, these meals are simply mouthwatering. With as many locally-sourced ingredients as they can get, MTN Prime takes Colorado mountain town-ing to the next level. You won’t want to miss this.

A Day Well Spent

Colorado Mountain Towns Have Great B&Bs - Miners Pick in Idaho Springs

We’re sure at this time you’re tuckered out and ready for a restful night. And where better to do so than at Miner’s Pick Bed & Breakfast – voted Best Lodging in Idaho Springs, 2019. Comfy beds, friendly staff, and a beautiful view mean you can relax and unwind after your eventful day.

Day 2

After a day in the Springs, it’s time to head out on the town – Georgetown that is!

Kum & Go in Idaho Springs, CO

On the Go-Go

As you leave beautiful Idaho Springs and begin your adventure through another stunning Colorado mountain town, you can stop in at the Kum & Go (another Best Of winner) for a pick-me-up! Coffee and donuts to go, please!

Plenty to Do, Plenty to See

The drive to Georgetown is about 13 miles and typically takes less than 20 minutes, so you’re already off to a good start. To find out about all of the great things this mountain town has to offer, stop off for a bit at the Visitor Center. Pass through the many years of history and take a peak in their gift shop to find unique and local pieces.

Snack Attack

Now – are you ready for something special? Georgetown Jerky and Emporium is all over it!  With over one hundred twenty kinds of jerky, six flavors of fried peanuts, and 15 types of licorice, your snack pack is going to be filled. In addition to the various meats, textures, and flavors of snacks they carry, you can also find some great locally-made souvenirs here. Sounds like the best of everything!

A Choo-Choo of Epic Proportions

Don’t be thrown for a loop – it’s just the Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mining Park! This hour and a half train ride takes you through the history of the town and will leave you speechless. Learn about the town’s mining origins and experience the twists and turns, loops, and bridges connecting Georgetown and Silver Plume. See history come to life on this tour!

Meixcano Delicioso

Lucha's Cantina

For your final taste of these Colorado mountain towns, stop into Lucha’s Cantina for a late lunch before heading out. Everything has strong flavors and is made with locally sourced ingredients. You’ll know by the taste that you’re getting the best Mexican food there is. With traditional Mexican options as well as burgers and wings, there is something for everyone at this tasty restaurant.

The Road Trip of a Lifetime Comes to an End

What a full and exciting weekend! This road trip will be one to remember! When visiting Colorado mountain towns, making memories is central.  Idaho Springs and Georgetown, with their close proximity to one another and long list of things to do, make for a unique and incredible road trip. We can’t wait to hear about the memories you make!

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