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Your Colorado Rafting Trip

Your Colorado Rafting Trip

It’s Almost Whitewater Time in the Rockies. Book your Colorado Rafting Trip!

Not only is Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting a fabulous activity for the whole family, but there are a ton of things to do this upcoming season around the area. They know you want to book your Colorado rafting trip soon but you may be questioning what to do afterward. Don’t worry, they got you covered!

What’s Going On?      

Rocky Mountian Whitewater Rafting knows you’re wondering when you book your Colorado rafting trip does the fun end after the rafting? Absolutely not! Here’s the inside scoop on some upcoming events in Idaho Springs.

Clear Creek Rapidgrass Festival

Rocky Mountian Whitewater Rafting is just as excited as you are! This FREE two-day festival is sure to have you on your feet- even after your Colorado rafting trip. The Rapidgrass Festival takes place on August 20th at the Shelly/Quinn Baseball Fields. This community-building event features great music, scrumptious food from local restaurants, and stunning views. How could you say no?

Mollie O’Brien/Rich Moore + Eric Thorin Saturday, June 11, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

If you like the rich and eclectic sounds of country, blues, bluegrass and R&B, then this show is for you. Come check out this dynamic trio at the United Center in Idaho Springs this summer.

Chain Station Saturday, July 23, 2022 7:00 PM-9:30 PM @United Center

Need a pick me up? Make sure to see Chain Station. A band that can only be described as upbeat, high energy, foot tappin’, get ‘em on the dancefloor type of group from right here in the Colorado Rockies!  

Time to Eat!

Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting is sure that you are absolutely starving after conquering the great rapids of the Colorado Rockies. No need to fear, we will make this quick!

Looking for something that is close by? Try out Two Brothers Deli for the classic Philly Cheesesteak, Reuben, or even an Mt. Bierstadt B.L.A.T that has Jalapeno bacon. Yes, Jalapeno bacon.

Or maybe you’re looking for a restaurant that specializes in breakfast, lunch, and brunch. We understand! Head on over to Main Street Restaurant where they have 10 different takes on the classic eggs Benedict.

Sometimes after a long rafting trip, you want to sip on an ice-cold beer. That’s cool with us! Feel free to waltz on over to Westbound and Down Brewing Company to get your buzz on! With over 15 house-made brews you’re sure to be something you love!

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