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Colorado Sports Betting: Gambling with a View

Colorado Sports Betting: Gambling with a View

Have you heard the news? You can bet that sports betting will be starting in Colorado in just a few months. In November, Coloradoans voted to make sports betting legal and wagering will start taking place as early as May 1st, 2020. So what does this mean for Idaho Springs? Right around the corner from Idaho Springs are 2 towns where casino-style gambling – and soon, live sports betting – takes place. Are you ready to take the gamble?

What Are the Colorado Sports Betting Rules?

Idaho Springs Historic Highway to Central City, Colorado

Under the new law, Colorado sports betting will be legal – both in person and online.  Several casinos in Black Hawk and Central City have already received master licenses to operate sports betting through both avenues. To bet in person, you’ll have to be at one of the licensed casinos. But online sports betting can take place anywhere within state lines. Unlike the other gambling regulations, Colorado has placed no upper limit on sports bets. If you’re that confident – let it ride!

Visiting Idaho Springs Isn’t a Gamble

Now, you can enjoy the fun of sports betting while getting the chance to experience the thrilling adventures around Idaho Springs! Whether you’re rafting, hiking, skiing, or climbing, you can enjoy double the excitement. Enjoy the quaint downtown and try your hand at some online sports betting or drive just a few minutes over to Black Hawk or Central City to place some live bets. These towns are two of a kind and ready for you!

Make a day out of a trip to the casinos near Idaho Springs and return back to your favorite Colorado mountain town for food, fun, and adventure! The new addition of sports betting can be the cherry on top for visitors. Betting on a good time in Idaho Springs? We like those odds!

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