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Idaho Springs Has the Best Colorado Restaurants

Idaho Springs Has the Best Colorado Restaurants

Idaho Springs has the best Colorado restaurants to suit any occasion. For a great night out, we’ve got classic diners and high-end eats. You can travel the world or eat local with Idaho Springs’ excellent international restaurants and local gems. In other words, travelers and connoisseurs alike must stop by Idaho Springs to try the best Colorado Restaurants!

Colorado Restaurants | Classic Diners

pancakes, breakfast

The list of excellent Colorado restaurants would be incomplete without mentioning Idaho Springs’ classic diners! Hilldaddy’s Wildfire Restaurant has Texas-size portions to satisfy any appetite. Their home-cooked meals are made even better with their homemade Chipotle Hot Sauce! Also, Marion’s Of the Rockies is well known for its “Secret Recipe” Pancakes and Signature Evans Benedict. Recipes this good must be kept under lock and key! You’re always in for a good time at Main Street Restaurant. In fact, Main Street has won our award for “Best Diner” three years in a row! They offer traditional apps and meals inspired by cuisine around the world!

Colorado Restaurants | High End Eats

Best Colorado Restaurants Steak and Potatoes

For fine dining in a gorgeous mountain landscape, look no further than Idaho Springs! The best luxury dining around can be found at MTN Prime. This local steakhouse prides itself on only using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and making your food to order. For a night of excellent food and drink, visit The Buffalo and Westbound & Down Brewing Company. Housed in the same building, these excellent establishments collaborate to combine classic and modern American cuisine with stellar locally made brews sourced from the Clear Creek River.

The Best of Brewing

Best Colorado Restaurant Brewery

Beer enthusiasts all over the nation know Colorado restaurants for their craft beer options. Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub has won over 100 medals at national and international competitions. Additionally, try their award-winning selection of beers, ales, and sodas with their American-style food! Listen to local wisdom and visit Two Bears Tap and Grill. For two years, they won awards for the best beer and alcohol selection in town! You can also enjoy local ciders and Colorado craft beers at Clear Creek Cidery & Eatery.

Desserts and Sweets

Best Colorado Restaurant Deserts

Sweet tooth? If that is the case, you are in the right place! Enjoy freshly-baked, European desserts at Edelweiss Pastry Shop. Secondly, you can find organic and vegan friendly cakes and cookies delivered from Royal Jelly Bakery. Finally, try new local ice cream flavors every day at Sit N Chill ice cream. Unquestionably, Colorado confectionary creativity at its finest!­­­­­­

In conclusion, no matter what you want to eat, dining in Idaho Springs is quite the treat!

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