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Echo Lake Lodge (Seasonal)

Echo Lake Lodge (Seasonal)

13264 Chicago Creek Rd.
Idaho Springs
CO 80452

(303) 567 2138

Must See Mountainside Stop

Cherish the beauty of Mt. Evans by stopping at the historic Echo Lake Lodge. Originally built in 1926, it continues to serve its visitors by helping them fill their stomachs or cars with their one-of-a-kind American-style restaurant and gift shop.

Top of the World Cooking

Providing delicious American style cooking 7 days a week, the Echo Lake Lodge Restaurant can accommodate any appetite.  Enjoy some delicious home-cooking with meals such as:

  • Breakfast
  • Burgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Buffalo Chile
  • Pan Fried Trout
  • Pies and desserts

Sit back and relax with this beautiful lake and mountain view while enjoying a delicious meal here!

The Perfect Gift

Never forget your trip to Colorado with a stop in at the Echo Lake Lodge gift shop, featuring items such as souvenir clothing, collectibles, handmade jewelry, and toys. This gift shop gives you a real look at Colorado culture, as these unique items cannot be found anywhere else. With friendly staff and a wide variety, there is something for every family member and adventurer.

A Part of History

Originally built in 1926 by the city and county of Denver, this historic American lodge still provides its visitors with the best mountainside accommodations available. Throughout the years, this lodge has had its share of stories. Used as a military training camp during World War 2 and burned down in 1979, Echo Lake Lodge has a rich history filled with adventure. The Echo Lake Lodge continues to shine and impress all that stop by, forever showing the history and determination of Colorado.

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