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Idaho Springs Hot Dogs Are The Best!

Looking for the best Idaho Springs hot dogs? You’ve come to the right place!  Just West of Denver, ARGO Dogs is a new pop-up pushcart from the same owners of the Vintage Moose, servicing the communities need for gourmet franks delivered fast and with a smile. Every summer, from noon to three, you can stop by to try the best Idaho Springs hot dogs.

Bacon Wrapped? They Got’em!

According to owner/operator Mason Keene, the idea for ARGO Dogs came to him in a dream. Mason knew that there was a lot of opportunity for fast, budget-friendly food offerings near the Mighty ARGO Mill and Tunnel. Construction on the nearby gondola meant there was a base of support during lunch and peckish guests of the Argo could keep the eatery busy outside of these rushes. With all of this in mind, one night he imagined a miner going down the long ARGO tunnel pushing a cart, but instead of precious metals the cart contained delicious hot dogs! Thus, the idea for ARGO Dogs was born.

ARGO Dogs is set up on a pushcart which means they are fully mobile. Although for their first year of business in 2021 they plan to stay right in front of the ARGO, you can expect to see Mason and his family at events around Idaho Springs soon enough.

Their hot dog offering includes:

  • Quarter Pound Beef Franks
  • Bacon Wrapped Franks
  • Beer Bratwurst
  • Polish Kielbasas
  • Toppings include:
    • Chilli
    • Diced Onions
    • Sauerkraut
    • Cheese
    • Mustard
    • Ketchup

If you are looking for an affordable bite to eat that is sure to make you smile,  be sure to stop by ARGO Dogs! The best Idaho Springs Hot Dogs! For now, we are only here seasonally so come grab a bite before summer is over!

  • Outdoor dining
  • Pet-friendly
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