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Echo Mountain Tubing: Slide into the Fun

Echo Mountain Tubing: Slide into the Fun

Get ready for this totally tubular day of fun at Echo Mountain.  They don’t just offer skiing – they also have tubing lanes. With a brand new conveyor belt that brings you up the lane, options for families to link up, and availability for all ages (as long as you’re at least 36” tall), this is perfect for a family fun day, a solo trip, or a group of friends!

Tubing Is, Tubing Does

The tubing lanes are over 2 miles high for a one-of-a-kind experience – you can’t find this anywhere else. You can reserve 60 minutes of fun and possibly get the chance for a second hour to really hone in on your skills.  With a price of $26-$35 (depending on the day and time) per person for your first hour, Echo Mountain tubing presents an opportunity for lifelong memories for everyone!

Whether you want to race with your group through the solo chutes in a friendly competition, or sit back and enjoy the ride, this experience is unforgettable. Take in the scenic views while cruising along the mountainside on your tube.  This is a story that will make your friends back home envious of your dream vacation.

Right Where You Need Tu-Be

Echo Mountain tubing is definitely the place to be when visiting Idaho Springs.  Be sure to work this into your schedule, as you need to reserve a spot – and get there early as you want to make sure you can enjoy every second of your tubing adventure. Echo Mountain also offers gear rentals – including hats, gloves, boots, and more – to make sure that you are super prepared to have a super time.

Here, you won’t just be limited to getting the Echo Mountain tubing experience – you’ll also be able to get some skiing in!  Echo Mountain ski area is a must-visit spot when driving through Idaho Springs. With great conditions and tubular tubing, you know it will be a blast as soon as you set eyes on the mountain. Click HERE to reserve your tubing hour today!

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