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Hikes Near Idaho (Video): St. Mary’s Glacier & Chief Mountain Trail

Hikes Near Idaho (Video): St. Mary’s Glacier & Chief Mountain Trail

Idaho Springs is only 40 minutes outside of Denver making it the perfect place for a hiking day trip! If you’re looking for great hikes near Idaho Springs, we have the best for you here!

Prepping for the Best Hikes Near Idaho Springs

At over 7,500 feet, hikes near Idaho Springs may present a few challenges. You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared!

Consider packing these essentials before heading out on hikes near Idaho Springs:

  • Comfortable and supportive hiking shoes
  • Lots of water
  • Snacks (for when that mid-hike craving hits!)
  • Sunscreen (at a higher altitude, the sun is more intense!)
  • Weather specific clothing (since mountain weather can be variable, make sure to check the forecast before heading out!)

Hikes Near Idaho Springs: St. Mary’s Glacier

Just outside of Idaho Springs, the St. Mary’s Glacier hike is unlike any other sight you’ve see. The crest at the top of the hike will make the 1.5 miles trek all worth it. This hike is in the easy to moderate range, and is great for beginners and experts alike.

Curious about how to get there? Check out this video to see how to get to the trailhead!

This trail can be a little rocky, and potentially difficult to navigate in the winter, but don’t fret! Keep an eye out for neatly stacked rocks on the side of the trail and follow small streams upwards from water trickling down from the snowmelt. Keep heading up and you’ll be sure to find the picturesque view at the top!

Chief Mountain Trail

hikes near Idaho springs

Chief Mountain Trail is another one of the best hikes near Idaho Springs. This trail provides a bit more of a challenge at 2.8 miles and a moderate difficulty rating. On this trail, you’ll hike through Arapaho National Forest before reaching 360 degree views of prominent Colorado peaks. At the top of this hike, you’ll be able to easily see Pikes Peak and Longs Peak, two of Colorado’s most famous 14ers!

Hikes near Idaho Springs are perfect for a day trip when you’re searching for gorgeous views and a bit of fresh air. As a reminder, we recommend to always use discretion when walking with kids and be aware of the weather before heading out.

Whether St. Mary’s Glacier or Chief Mountain Trail is calling your name, these hikes are ready for you. We can’t wait to see you there!

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