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How to Pick a Clear Creek Rafting Trip

How to Pick a Clear Creek Rafting Trip

Summer is right around the corner, and that means it is time to start making plans for summer activity! One of the most popular summer activities in Colorado is whitewater rafting. Booking a Clear Creek rafting trip is a surefire way to have an unforgettable experience this summer.

Now that you have decided to book a rafting trip, your next step will be choosing the Clear Creek rafting trip that best suits your group. There are multiple factors to consider. First of all, booking a Clear Creek rafting trip is an excellent choice given its convenient location. You can arrive at local outfitter Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting in beautiful Idaho Springs from downtown Denver in less than an hour. This makes them the closest whitewater rafting to Denver.

Consider who the group for your Clear Creek rafting trip is made up of. You might have been rafting at an advanced level multiple times, but that very well could not be the case for others. The age range and physical abilities of a group will play a role in choosing your trip.

If it is somebody’s first time out on a raft, then it is very important to not take them on a trip that is beyond their ability. It’s always best to start with a beginner rafting trip and work your way up from there. For safety purposes, we do not put rafters in situations that they cannot handle. If everybody in the group has rafting experience, then it is necessary to be honest and clear about past experiences. Communication is key when it comes to booking the best Clear Creek rafting trip for your group.

When booking a trip, it is also necessary to recognize the time of year. Throughout the whitewater rafting season, water levels can fluctuate. This will affect the class ratings and difficulties for some of our trips. For more information on what the water levels will be like during your trip, we encourage you to contact us. This information can obviously change thanks to Mother Nature. We are glad to give you the most up to date information possible. Reach out to the Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting staff for the best rafting trip possible!

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