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Stanley Mines: A Historical Idaho Springs Adventure Park

Stanley Mines: A Historical Idaho Springs Adventure Park

Right off of I-70 is a sight you can’t miss – and soon, you’ll want to stop off there for a jam-packed day of fun rides and captivating history. Stanley Mine was closed in the early 1980s and hasn’t been used since. A few innovative developers are currently working to bring new life to this min, turning into an Idaho Springs adventure park full of fun. With extensive plans to turn this significant mine into a historical and amusement-filled wonderland, this stop in Idaho Springs will certainly be one to remember.

Back to the Gold Mine

Take a trip back in time with Stanley Mines Adventure Park. This park is aiming to bring more awareness to the rich (pun intended) history of the Colorado Gold Rush. And since this small mountain town was the genesis of the gold rush, there’s no better place to showcase the state’s mining history than at this fun and education Idaho Springs adventure park. The goal of the development is also to use all of the property’s existing buildings – for as much authenticity as possible. Taking local housing and the environment into consideration, this park is ready to make its mark on Idaho Springs in the best way possible.

Can You Dig It?

While there won’t be any actual mining at this Idaho Springs adventure park, there will be many activities and rides for the whole family! There are rides in the plans that include a mine car that drops down the face of a fill, a 700 foot mine drop, and an alpine coaster.  All this with a historical aspect? Count us in!  With several exhibits teaching about the history of the mine and the Colorado Gold Rush, your day can be filled with the exhilaration of learning – as well as the exhilaration of so many awesome rides.

The close proximity to Idaho Springs will make Stanley Mines a perfect destination while on your Colorado vacation. After a day at the adventure park, enjoy a home-cooked meal at one of the fabulous downtown restaurants. Get the perfect souvenir at unique Idaho Springs gift shops and schedule some unforgettable adventures along the way. This Idaho Springs adventure park, when open, will be just one of the many amazing attractions in this vibrant town.

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