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Smokin Yard’s: The Finest Idaho Springs BBQ

Smokin Yard’s: The Finest Idaho Springs BBQ

Smokin Yard’s BBQ understands what you want in your restaurant experience, and they are well-versed in providing it. Good meat and good service is the name of the game at this Idaho Springs BBQ restaurant. They pride themselves on serving only the best meats around, exclusively using locally-sourced Colorado cattle and fish.  These Rocky Mountain-grown, grass-fed cattle produce some of the juiciest and most flavorful meats around – your mouth will be watering once you’re within smelling distance of this BBQ joint.

Welcome to Flavor Town

Smokin' Yards BBQ Sandwich Idaho Springs

Introduce your taste buds to a whole new spectrum of flavors with a hefty portion of slow-smoked beef brisket, fried catfish, fall-off-the-bone ribs, or classic American chicken-fried steak. For lovers of classic BBQ, those who prefer to try something new, or people who are looking for a wide range of BBQ styles, Smokin Yard’s is the place to be!

This Idaho Springs BBQ place knows that consistent use of high-quality meats is only half of the equation. With the hospitable and personable staff, eating here is like dining with family. They always welcome their visitors with a heart-warming smile and it’s never hard to join in with the local banter.

Drinks to Match

The food is perfect on its own, but Smokin Yard’s knows that a drink to wash down your food is a welcome addition to a plate of great BBQ. They offer a traditional bar featuring local, regional, and foreign brews. Enjoying a nice, cold one alongside your hot meal is made simple and easy. To complement the delectable food and drinks, Smokin Yard’s offers a breathtaking view of the mountainside. Their outdoor seating allows you to take a load off and relax as the Colorado breeze blows off the Clear Creek River.

Idaho Springs BBQ For the Win

This combination of good eats, drinks, and customer service has put them on the map – they have become a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  Because it’s located at 2736 Colorado Blvd, it’s just under a minute off of the main 170 highway – and you can’t miss their iconic statue of a smoking hog in a chef’s hat. There’s every reason to stop in at this legendary Idaho Springs BBQ restaurant, so plan your visit today!

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