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Idaho Springs Brewery: Beer, Food, & Fun, Oh My!

Idaho Springs Brewery: Beer, Food, & Fun, Oh My!

Breweries are in. To get the true local taste, you simply have to try the local beers. Lucky for you, it’s an easy task to find a high-quality Idaho Springs brewery.  While taking a vacation or just passing through this beautiful little town, visit one of these breweries to experience the flavor of the Rockies. Nothing complements the crisp mountain air like a fresh brew.

Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub

Travel back in time to the old mining days with this crazy-for-craft-beer brewery. Drawing on the history and myths of the Colorado gold mine, Tommyknocker has a unique atmosphere that can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Since their establishment in 1994, this Idaho Springs brewery has consistently produced award-winning ales and lagers. With dozens of beers to choose from, as well as seasonal options, you can experience every flavor that Colorado has to offer.

Why not try the Cocoa Porter – a chocolate-flavored beer?  Or the Alpine Glacier Pilsner for a refreshing twist?  Open at 11:00 AM, stop in for lunch or dinner and have a delicious meal to wash down your beer.  With a kids’ menu to top it off, Tommyknocker is also family-friendly. The possibilities are endless and there are options that everyone will enjoy. 

Westbound & Down Brewing Company

Westbound and Down is a completely homegrown brewing company.  With American-made equipment, 100% Clear Creek County water, wind-powered electricity, and an all-natural fermentation process, this is truly all-American beer.  With custom brews that bring you a pure taste of Colorado to wines and specialty cocktails that will warm you up from the cold mountain air, you are sure to find something just for you.

Try out the Westbound Porter for a chocolate-molasses flavor profile or the Seven Sisters Stout for a coffee-themed brew. With virtually endless options, all brewed right in town, you’ll want to try them all.  Stop in for lunch or dinner and fill up on one of their tasty entrees or sides – and don’t worry about bringing the kids, because there’s food for them too!

Here for the Beer

With a practically limitless array of options for beer-lovers of every kind, either Idaho Springs brewery is a great choice!  If you’re here for a while, it certainly can’t hurt to put both on your must-visit list.  A brewery is a great place to stop in while seeing the sights or after a day of adventuring for a tasty meal and one-of-a-kind beer. Whether your day was spent on the slopes, in the museums, or enjoying your time in downtown Idaho Springs, you can’t go wrong with taking a moment at one of these breweries. Nothing else represents the taste of a region quite as much as locally-brewed beer.

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