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Clear Creek Cidery: The Idaho Springs Cidery Dreams are Made Of

Clear Creek Cidery: The Idaho Springs Cidery Dreams are Made Of

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about Idaho Springs’ newest business – and with great reason as every visitor so far would tell you. Clear Creek Cidery Tavern & Taps offers a huge variety of ciders (obviously), beers, wines, and, of course, delicious food! With a menu that’s to-die-for, there’s something that suits the taste of every individual. You’re sure to find a new favorite at this Idaho Springs cidery.


idaho springs cidery with a full bar and ciders on tap

Of course, Clear Creek Cidery wouldn’t be a cidery without a nice list of ciders that go with any meal or can stand alone. There’s a virtually endless list of ciders into the bottle and on tap. There is nothing missing from this drink list!  Experience the unique flavor of Idaho Springs, Colorado with the newest addition to town.  They’re ex-cide-d to help you find your favorite cider.

They stand out in part because of their massive wine list – you’ll want for no wine when you visit this Idaho Springs cidery. With wines from across the country and the world, you can decide what your night out warrants. The best of the best from Napa Valley? They’ve got it. Unique wines from Argentina, Italy, France, and New Zealand? Of course.  Their full bar is sure to leave you speechless, so you’ll want to make sure to try something in every category.

Drink and Be Merry

idaho springs cidery menu and delicious food

Not only are the drinks above and beyond at this Idaho Springs cidery, the menu’s plethora of options leave no stone unturned. In the mood for some classic Mexican dishes? Chimichangas and Tacos abound. Looking for a high-class steak? You’re at the right place.  In a healthy mood? Check out Clear Creek Cidery’s many salads. Sandwiches and burgers are the icing on the cake.

Clear Creek Cidery Tavern & Taps has it all.  With everything you could want and more, this is the perfect place for a dinner date or a night out with friends. This Idaho Springs cidery is a must-stop on your vacation. After a long day of outdoor adventuring or shopping, this is the place to be to relax and unwind.

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