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The Variety Of Drinks In Idaho Springs

The Variety Of Drinks In Idaho Springs

You considered your restaurants, lodging and what activities you will participate in during your stay in Idaho Springs. Oh no! You forgot to consider how you are waking up without your favorite coffee, what spot you’re hitting for your evening cocktail, and where in the world you’re getting your mid-day pick-me-up energy drink.

Never fear! In Idaho Springs, the variety of options are endless and tasty. Whether you are on the go, want to kick back and chill, or somewhere in between, Idaho Springs offers the right option for you. On top of the variety of choices, you’re likely within walking distance of where you want to go!

Need a pick me up? Grab a caffeinated drink!

There is no end to the choices available to you when it comes to caffeinated beverages in Idaho Springs. Whether you are craving a decadent hot cocoa, a strong cup of coffee, an afternoon energy drink to put an extra pep in your step, or something else entirely, the range of treats are plenty.

On the Go or Rolling Slow?

Looks like you’ve decided you need a caffeinated refreshment to compliment your perfect day in Idaho Springs! Now to decide – do you want to pick up a tasty cocoa through a drive-thru to hold while you shop the unique spots downtown? Or, maybe you would prefer to sit back and read a book, chat with friends or catch up on some work in a local coffee shop. Dash inside the convenience store on the corner to grab an energy drink or your favorite soda as you head out to go whitewater rafting. If you need something more solid, enjoy a drink at one of the many restaurant spots in Idaho Springs.

Looking for something stronger?

When lattes just aren’t hitting the spot, you might be on the lookout for other places to quench your thirst. With several watering-holes in walking distance, Idaho Springs boasts of spirits that will fulfill your appetite.

Sittin’ Down or Hittin’ The Town?

After a long day of shopping, hiking, and activities, you may be in the mood for something a little more laid-back. Grab a bottle of wine from the grocery store and head back to your room to curl up next to a warm fire! Perhaps you’re entertaining a group tonight and want to show off your specialty-cocktail. In that case, you can head down to one of our liquor stores and pick from a variety of choices. Want a bite to eat to perfectly compliment that craft beer? Choose one of many restaurants where you can grab a brew while you catch up with friends over a meal. And, of course, Idaho Springs offers no shortage of bars to satisfy your hankering for a drink!

Drink it In

In Idaho Springs, grabbing a drink can be an adventure! Next time you are looking to satisfy your drink-related cravings, consider all of the many options that we have to offer. 

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