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Information About Idaho Springs

A Rich History

Idaho Springs, Colorado is overflowing with history – especially of the mining kind. Idaho Springs was founded shortly after it was found.  George Jackson discovered gold in what is now this beloved mountain town, sparking the beginning of the Colorado gold rush. Soon after, a settlement was started and a small town began to form.

Originally, the town was called “Idahoe”, meaning “gem of the mountains” in Arapahoe.  Many miners could attest to the gems that could be found among the mountains, forest, and river in the area.

With the discovery of gold came a new discovery – liquid gold (and we don’t mean oil). What is now known as the Indian Hot Springs were discovered and began business. Looks like the things we enjoy today aren’t so different from olden times after all.

Fun for Everyone

Idaho Springs, Colorado is the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway from Denver and other surrounding metropolitan areas. A quick 30-mile drive, and you’re in an oasis.

It’s also a great stopping point along the way if you’re making a longer trek to ski resorts like Breckenridge, Aspen, or Vail. Stop in and spend the night or grab a bite to make the most of your journey.

Of course, there are exciting and fun outdoor adventures everywhere you look. There are many hiking and biking trails, great rafting in the summer, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and more! With a quaint downtown area for shopping and restaurants, everything you need is within walking distance! And, Idaho Springs hosts many fun, family events all year round. Enjoy festivals, fireworks, live music, and more at any of these great events.

This little mountain town is an ideal stop with great views, great people, and adventures at every turn.




Idaho Springs By The Numbers

As of 2017, the population of Idaho Springs, Colorado was 1,782. Pretty small, which makes it perfect for that quaint, small town Colorado feel! As far as demographics go, this little mountain town is about evenly split between males and females.

The town is also great for families! About 40% of the population of Idaho Springs are families with kids under 18. The demographics of Idaho Springs are just part of what make it such a great destination for families driving through. Catch beautiful scenery, historical sites, and friendly faces – with events catered toward families as well!

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