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Sweet Treasures: Dessert Options in Idaho Springs

Sweet Treasures: Dessert Options in Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs has a deep history rooted in mining and gold. Years ago, one didn’t need to look far to strike gold in the surrounding mountains and rivers. Miners would explore the mines, digging until they found the sweetest treasures.

Even to this day, Idaho Springs is still full of treasures, but in a different way.

Dig In

Now, you can dig your spoon or fork into the local sweets and desserts, savoring the delicious treasure—all while enjoying the breathtaking view and weather that Idaho Springs offers.

Made with a sweet tooth’s paradise in mind, Miner Decadence Chocolates is the place for you. Featuring Belgian chocolate, gelato, and fresh handmade fudge, these local dessert experts will satisfy your savory craving. Their handmade sweets and snacks will make you feel like you hit the motherload!

If you want to enjoy a sweet with friends or family, Edelweiss Pastries can help you plan your next party for one or one hundred. The make great tasting sweets and can produce large quantities of cheesecake bites, pastries, and other desserts. Buy for you or buy for a few—either way, your mouth will thank you for feeding it Edelweiss Pastries!

Treat your senses to a snack with a show! Georgetown Valley Candy Company makes all of their products in shop for everyone to see. They produce sweets the old-fashioned way, from traditional chocolates to fudge, ice cream, and everything in between. Don’t worry, you can lick your fingers clean—we won’t tell.

From gold to sugar, Idaho Springs stays rooted in the things that make our eyes shimmer. Let this mountain town’s dessert shops show you the sweeter side of life!

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