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From The Bed To The Beverage And Back

From The Bed To The Beverage And Back

As you get comfortable in your Idaho Springs hotel, Air BNB, or cabin, you may have refreshment on the brain. As you consider where you’re headed for a cup on coffee, what spot you’re hitting for your evening cocktail or where you’re getting your mid-day pick-me-up energy drink, the options are plentiful! Not only are your choices varied, the proximity of a tasty drink is usually within walking distance.

What are you craving?

Think through what will wet your whistle – are you craving a sweet latte, your favorite energy drink or maybe something a little stronger? Whatever you are in the mood for, Idaho Spring has your fix nearby.

Where are you?

You probably noticed on your way to your room that Idaho Springs is a walkable town. It’s likely that there is a coffee shop, convenience store, and a bar conveniently located near your Air BNB, motel or cabin! So, throw on your walking shoes and pick your poison.

What’s your schedule?

If you have a ton of activities planned for the day with only have a few minutes to spare, drive through a coffee shop or swing by the corner store for a to-go beverage. Maybe you would prefer to sit back and read a book, chat with friends or catch up on some work in a local coffee shop. If you are in need of something more solid to accompany your drink, come and visit one of the many Idaho Springs restaurants.

Are you in or out?

Maybe you’re feeling a little more social and prefer to enjoy your evening cocktail with friends at the bar. You already know there are plenty of spots near your room! Perhaps a cozy night curled up by the fire strikes your fancy. If that’s the case, swing by the liquor store to grab your favorite wine or liquor to enjoy in your hotel. If spirits aren’t calling you, there are plenty of caffeinated beverages to enjoy out on the town or back at in your room.

Drink it in!

In Idaho Springs, grabbing a drink can be an adventure! Next time you are looking to satisfy your drink-related cravings, consider all of the many options near your lodgings that are available to you.

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