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What Does The Rec Center Have To Offer?

What Does The Rec Center Have To Offer?

The newly-renovated Clear Creek Recreation Center has state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and classes for visitors and members alike. In the mood to lift weights? Rec Center. Looking for a cardio class to get involved in? Rec Center. Got an itch for H20 activities? You guessed it—the Rec Center is where it’s at! Whether you’re exercising alone or bringing the whole family for a day of activity, the Rec Center has something for everyone. Take a look at a few of the Rec Center’s offerings!

  • Indoor swimming pool with 2 slides
  • Hot tub
  • Dry sauna
  • Free weight room
  • Indoor running/walking track
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Lazy river
  • Group exercise

If any of this sounds like fun, head to the Clear Creek Recreation Center to discover what the buzz is about. Daily admission or membership options are available! You can find the Rec Center’s phone number and location here. For even more information, check out their website here.

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