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Family friendly – but you can still have a beer!

Family friendly – but you can still have a beer!

When we say Idaho Springs IS for everyone, we really mean it. This little mountain town is filled with food, activities, and adventures for all – even for the family! We like to say it like this: it’s family friendly, but you can still have a beer.

Whether you spent the day out-and-about exploring the Clear Creek Greenway or hitting the slopes with the family, you’re sure to be tired. It’s no surprise you would want to relax with a drink. The wide variety of restaurants throughout downtown Idaho Springs gives you plenty of options that will make the whole family happy while still offering your favorite brews. Stop in for dinner to have a beer, unwind, and reminisce on the quality time you spent with your family.

In a small town like Idaho Springs, the atmosphere is simple. When you’re raising kids, every moment counts. Taking your mind off of what’s going on around you allows you to be present and soak up every moment with your family. With worries out the window, you’ll be able to make lasting memories and focus on what really matters: quality time with your kids.

After grabbing a bite with the whole family you can walk back to your hotel and call it a night. Rest up for a new day full of adventures and quality time with the family. Idaho Springs makes it easy to find family friendly activities that are fun for parents too. Whether you’re just passing through or spending all your time in Idaho Springs, you’ll be glad you stopped to experience our little slice of Colorado.

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