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Idaho Springs Historical Society

Idaho Springs Historical Society

“If you want to get to know the area, stop here first.”  Giving back is very important to us at This IS Idaho Springs, and this is the perfect time of year to give a little extra! That’s why we’re partnering with 12 great charities in the Denver Metro area, such as the Idaho Springs Historical Society, to highlight the great work that’s happening all year round!

What They Do

The Idaho Springs Historical Society aims to discover and preserve the rich history of the area and educate both locals and visitors on the legacy of our great town! The Historical Society runs the Visitor Center, which houses the Heritage Museum, as well as the Underhill Museum. They have a collection of thousands of old photographs that show the progression of Idaho Springs history, from the first settlement through its mining days and beyond.

The Idaho Springs Historical Society is always looking for ways to bring history to the next generation, creating curiosity and providing the resources to learn.

Community Impact

The Historical Society preserves the history of our town, which is tied directly to the history of the whole state of Colorado! Educating new generations on the past helps set a bright course for the future and reminds people of our roots. Preservation and education is important to our town and will continue to play a large role in bringing visitors and creating a fun and engaging place to live. To get involved in their efforts, visit their website and see how you can help.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Now that you know more about the great work of the Idaho Springs Historical Society, vote for them to win a free video that can spread the word about who they are and what they do! 

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