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Idaho Springs Restaurants to Watch

Idaho Springs Restaurants to Watch

Idaho Springs has the best Colorado restaurants to suit any occasion. For a great night out, we’ve got classic diners and high-end eats. You can travel the world or eat locally with Idaho Springs’ excellent international restaurants and local gems. In other words, travelers and connoisseurs alike must stop and discover the best Idaho Springs restaurants to watch!

The Local Flavor

If you thought the activities were good, just wait until you see the great food you’ll get to eat when visiting Idaho Springs restaurants! Isn’t it true that the best things to do in Idaho Springs revolve around food? It’s a close one – we’ll let you decide!


You’ve never seen a finer diner than in Idaho Springs! You can savor classic American bites while looking out over the mountains – have you ever heard anything more Colorado? You’ll want to stop at different diners for different good eats.

Main Street Restaurant won the best breakfast in Idaho Springs for a reason – a blend of American food and exotic meals from around the world. Count us in. Marion’s of the Rockies means pancakes, breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, and everything perfect for fueling up for a day of adventure!


Idaho Springs is known for their pizza – are you surprised? Home to the tasty Colorado Pizza from Beau Jo’s that you absolutely cannot miss, pizza is a must-eat when you stop by this mountain town.  Get pizza everything at Beau Jo’s – from your favorite toppings to a cookie pizza, you’ll be in heaven! 

Late-Night Food Options

After a day of enjoying the many things to do in Idaho Springs, you may want to spice up your food options a little – and thankfully, the town is ready to provide. There are several great non-American food options that will fill you up and make you want to come back for more! From Mexican to Mediterranean, Idaho Springs restaurants have food that IS for you.

No culinary journey is complete without stopping by MTN Prime. This local restaurant, located in the heart of Idaho Springs, offers a selection of food that is constantly changing with the seasons. What really impressed us about MTN Prime, aside from their food, is the impressive cocktail and whiskey menu they offer.

No matter what you want to eat, dining in Idaho Springs is quite the treat!

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