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Crafting Idaho Springs River Rafting

Crafting Idaho Springs River Rafting

Whitewater rafting is the cream of the crop as far as Colorado adventures go. The exhilaration never disappoints, there are options for all skill levels, so you’re never bored, and you get the chance to experience the surrounding nature in all its glory. Idaho Springs river rafting is some of the best in the state (even in the nation, we would argue). You’ll want to schedule your trip today!

Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting

Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting in Idaho Springs, Colorado - the Place for you River Rafting Adventures

You’ll never be bored on a trip with Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. On Clear Creek, they offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced trips with a minimum age of 5 for the calmest one. This is perfect your family and will give you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and historic town in between the thrills. This Idaho Springs river rafting excursion leaves nothing to want.

Raft Masters

Raft Masters - Idaho Springs River Rafting

Raft Masters offers two Clear Creek rafting trips, one that is perfect for beginners and one that is right up the intermediate alley. These competitively-priced excursions will make sure that you come back from your Idaho Springs vacation with memories abounding. Enjoy a short 1.5-2 hour trip and make this vacation one to remember.

Liquid Descent Rafting

Liquid Descent Whitewater Rafting - Idaho Springs River Rafting

Liquid Descent Rafting knows that it’s all about the guides. The best way to make your Idaho Springs river rafting trip a success is to have friendly and knowledgeable guides to make sure you feel safe and that you have a blast! Enjoy all that Clear Creek River has to offer with these trips, perfect for families or experts, there’s something for everyone.

Colorado Adventure Center

Colorado Adventure Center in Idaho Springs, Colorado - River Rafting in Idaho Springs

The Colorado Adventure Center offers trips for beginners, intermediate rafters, and experts. You have the chance to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer from your raft. If you’re looking for a shorter trip, have no fear! You can take part in their special “Happy Hour” Idaho Springs river rafting excursion for a trip unlike any other.

Clear Creek Rafting

Clear Creek Rafting in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Clear Creek Rafting offers a prime Idaho Springs river rafting experience. They offer trips from Cass II to Class V difficulty and you will always get a chance to see the beauty of the area of you’re in. There’s even a chance that you’ll get to see Colorado wildlife in their natural habitat. This trip may be the discovery to a whole new passion for rafting!

AVA Rafting & Zipline

AVA Rafting & Zipline - Idaho Springs River Rafting

AVA has a plethora of Idaho Springs river rafting trips that are suited to adventurers of almost every age and skill level. Enjoy excursions with different durations, scenery, and difficulty with this rafting company. The sky is the limit and the water is calling you to discover all that you can do on your whitewater rafting adventure.

CURRENT-ly Overflowing with Options

Clearly, there are boundless options for Idaho Springs river rafting trips. Finding the one that fits you and your friends or family is a piece of cake with all of these great choices. Learn more about rafting season so you can plan your trip to have the best rafting experience possible! Idaho Springs is brimming with adventures that are just waiting for you to discover them.

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