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Idaho Springs’ Weather is Perfect for Summer Activities

Idaho Springs’ Weather is Perfect for Summer Activities

Idaho Springs adventures are the best early in the morning while the sun is rising above the mountain horizon and the wind is calm. According to climate data, July has the highest number of daylight hours for Idaho Springs weather. Historically, the town and surrounding areas average nearly twelve hours of sun each day! Due to this, the Idaho Springs weather will offer over 370 hours of total sunlight during July. Leaving more than enough time for hiking up scenic trails.

July is also noteworthy for its temperatures. The average daily and average max temperatures both peak during this time. Mid-afternoon can be scorching but mornings feel perfect for light to heavy activity. Explore dozens of niche businesses downtown and escape the summer afternoon heat. Even though Idaho Springs weather can be hot during the day, there is no better time to experience the best of Colorado’s beauty.

Touch the Sky

This amazing Idaho Springs weather allows for recreation in Clear Creek to all love beautiful scenery. One of our favorite summer activities is at the peak of Mt. Evans The twelfth highest point in Colorado is perfect for all ages. Whether you are looking for a great drive or a moderate hike, you can touch the skies minutes away from I-70. There is an entrance fee paid to the national park service that helps maintain and renovate the natural area. Remember to bring sunscreen, water, and cash for the fee!

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Be Prepared for Idaho Springs Weather and Activities

In order to have a ton of fun while in the Idaho Springs, make sure to come prepared. Never leave for the mountains without sunscreen and water. A plan is important, your time will likely be limited and there are more than enough activities to keep your head spinning with possibilities. When a plan is made with general times for starting and completing activities you will not have to rush around wondering if you saw enough.

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