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The Seasons Altogether, Idaho Springs Weather

The Seasons Altogether, Idaho Springs Weather

Planning your trip to sunny (or snowy) Idaho Springs and looking to see what the weather’s like? This IS Idaho Springs has you covered!  Idaho Springs weather doesn’t have to be a mystery as you plan your travels way out in the future or right around the corner.  Don’t know what to pack? No problem. Want to see what activities are weather-permitting? Plan on!

Under the Weather

Don’t fret when getting ready for your vacation or road trip through mountainous Colorado – no matter what time of year, you’ll be able to see the beauty and have a blast. The year is split up into 5 seasons (what – aren’t there only 4?): Winter, Spring, Dry Summer, Wet Summer, and Fall.

Forecast – It’s Cold!

December – February

Idaho Springs Weather - winter wonderland

Winter means snow! Major snow typically lasts from November to April, but it has been known to snow as early as September and as late as June. This Idaho Springs weather means that snow sports are best done from late November to late March, but it’s always possible to hit the slopes a little earlier and a little later. The average high temperature in the winter months is approximately 44°F and the average low temperature is about 17° F. Perfect for enjoying crisp winter air!

Put a Spring in Your Step

March – May

Spring – a time for new beginnings and beautiful weather.  And Idaho Springs weather may just take the cake for most beautiful spring of all! With average high temperatures of 61°F and average low temperatures of 34°F, Idaho Springs has a treat for you! Witness the flowers blooming and the dawn of summer in these stunning, sunny months!

Sun Shining Days

June – July

Dry summer means less rain – perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking and rafting which are always most fun in the sun! This is the ideal rafting season, as this is when waters are high. Dry summer in Idaho Springs brings average high temperatures of 85°F and average low temperatures of 55°F – perfect for daytime adventures and night-time chill.

We’ll See You Mon-Soon

July – September

Idaho Springs Weather - summer fun

This time of year is monsoon season, so it’s typically a bit rainier than usual, but this definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all that Idaho Springs has to offer.  In the afternoons you can spend some time in the local coffee shops, restaurants, or stores to get a feel for the downtown life after mornings exploring in the sun. With so much to do, you’ll never be bored! This Idaho Springs weather allows you to experience it all – rain and shine. Average high temperatures are 83°F and average low temperatures are 54°F during this time of year.

Fall in Love with Idaho Springs

September – November

Idaho Springs Weather - fall in love with Idaho Springs

Fall, with all of the leaves changing, can be one of the most beautiful times of the year (although it’s impossible to compare when Idaho Springs is always stunning!). Autumn Idaho Springs weather leaves us with cool but comfortable temperatures perfect for outdoor activities without breaking too much of a sweat. There are average high temperatures of 65°F and average low temperatures of 36°F.

Weather You Like It Hot or Cold

No matter what you prefer or when you’re visiting, Idaho Springs weather is accommodating for a plethora of activities! Know what to pack and when to go to do everything you want to do. With 300 days of sun a year, Idaho Springs is the place to be!

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