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Idaho Springs White Water Rafting is Open!

Idaho Springs White Water Rafting is Open!

We sure know how to make a splash in Colorado! Idaho Springs white water rafting is some of the best in the country, and we’re excited to announce that it’s back open for the season. So, what makes our white water rafting so great? Read on to see the beauty and expertise Idaho Springs has to offer for this outdoor experience.

Unbeatable Waters

Our waters are clean and refreshingly crisp, perfect for a hot summer day! Don’t worry about getting splashed by the rapids, you’ll enjoy cooling down while working hard paddling down the rapids. They are also quick enough to get your heart beating and, of course, have the white, frothy quality that Idaho springs white water rafting rapids are known for! With twists and turns around every corner, you’ll have the thrill of navigating around the ups and downs of our rapids.

Breathtaking Scenery

idaho springs white water rafting

Idaho Springs has that classic Colorado scenery you just can’t beat. You’ll rush past the pine and spruce trees, sail as quick as the finches and falcons flying above, and smell the earthy scents of the outdoors. Above all, the views are spectacular and idyllic, surrounded by national forests and picturesque mountains. Idaho Springs white water rafting is more beautiful than you would imagine!

Top-Notch Safety

Our rapids have been rafted down thousands of times by beginners and experts alike! We have some of the best routes that our professionals know like the back of their hand. Idaho Springs white water rafting offer a thrilling experience that is memory-making and even family-friendly. Our guides will give you the proper training to ensure you’re prepared for your adventure before you board. Once we know you’re good to go, we’ll get your lifejackets on and send you off! Check out this video to see what safety measures rafting companies take and what fun you could have.

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