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Above the Rest: Indian Hot Springs Spa

Above the Rest: Indian Hot Springs Spa

Indian Hot Springs is one of Idaho Springs’ major attractions. With the tropical environment under the dome containing the hot spring, you can walk out of the Colorado cold and into paradise. They have many different attractions for people who are looking for every kind of relaxation, but the Indian Hot Springs spa services may just be the highlight!

Massage Your Ego

Visit the Indian Hot Springs Spa - perfect for a summer or winter getaway!

Indian Hot Springs offers a wide array of massages – for individuals and couples – so you can achieve the relaxation you deserve. With different options for time length and more, your massage will be personalized to your needs and preferences. Enter a whole new world of rest and relief with the Indian Hot Springs spa.

Try out the Fire Dancer – a massage using heated rocks – or the Maize Salt Glo – a massage and exfoliation that uses corn, magnesium, and castor oil. For the Colorado experience, you can even get a CBD massage. Let the pain and tension fall away into comfort and easy movement with this multitude of massages. A visit to the Indian Hot Springs spa will certainly make your trip to Idaho Springs one to remember. Click HERE to see the list of all the massages they offer.

Spa Day, Best Day

A spa day just isn’t complete without a dip into the 115° hot springs. Enjoy this naturally warm mineral water and its rejuvenating qualities.  For a de-toxifying mud mask, try out Club Mud – don’t be scared to get down and dirty with this clay mask! 

Indian Hot Springs will provide a spa day that everyone will enjoy – whether you’re on a solo trip, with friends or family, or visiting as a couple, you’re sure to find activities that will leave you feeling refreshed.  After fun days of seeing the sights in Idaho Springs, a few hours of relaxation are just what the doctor ordered. Check out Indian Hot Springs’ spa – you won’t regret it!

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