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Things To Do: Discover Indoor Idaho Springs

Things To Do: Discover Indoor Idaho Springs

You’re probably familiar with all the outdoor activities Idaho Springs has to offer—an ATV experience, skiing, fishing, ziplining, rafting, hiking, etc. But, did you know there’s even more fun to be had indoors? Whether it’s too cold to be outside or you just want to change it up, use this guide to discover some things to do indoors in Idaho Springs!

Discover the Food

Discover the food in Idaho Springs, CO like this burger, fries, and local beer from Tommyknocker Brewery

It’s a foodie’s paradise! Whether it’s Colorado-style pizza, juicy burgers, or freshly-made sandwiches, the dining options in Idaho Springs will satisfy your palate and exceed your expectations. And, don’t forget about dessert! Indulge in pastries, candy, chocolates, and more at one of the many sweet and savory shops in Idaho Springs. Get the full list of the town’s mouth-watering options here.

Discover the Shops

Discover the stores in Idaho Springs like Bohemian Bazaar with a wide variety of apparel, jewelry, and more

Hit the town and stroll through the seemingly infinite number of shops! Discover a hidden treasure at one of the antique stores, stock up on winter gear at an outdoor supply company, buy something recreational at a dispensary, or expand your wardrobe with clothing from one of the boutiques. There’s also plenty of places to snag a gift, souvenir, or t-shirt to remember your trip! Plan the places to hit on your shopping spree here.

Discover the Drinks

Azteca Mexican Restaurant Idaho Springs, Colorado

The glass is always half full in this mountain town! From coffee and tea to beer, cocktails and wine, there’s no doubt you’ll find something to quench your thirst in Idaho Springs. Try a new local beer at one of the breweries, enjoy tea time at one of the many places downtown, or stay in for the night with a bottle of wine from one of the liquor stores. Survey the options for your next happy hour here!

Discover the History

take tours and learn about the idaho springs mining history in the argo mine and mill and the phoenix gold mine. check out these tunnels

Idaho Springs has a rich history dating back to the Gold Rush of the 1800s. In fact, many places you’ll see in Idaho Springs are modern restorations of centuries-old buildings. Travel back in time by visiting a few historic landmarks or learn the town’s stories at one of the museums. Don’t worry, there won’t be a test at the end—the history lessons you’ll encounter are solely for your enjoyment!

Discover the Action

indoor attractions in idaho springs - idaho springs rec center

Experience the active side of Idaho Springs’ indoor establishments! Tour the tunnels of old gold mines or relax at the spa and hot springs. Pick a place to get fit, like a yoga studio or the rec center. You can also enjoy live entertainment at several of Idaho Springs’ restaurants and bars! To discover more of Idaho Springs’ activities, go here!

The activities in Idaho Springs aren’t limited to the mountains or the rivers and creeks. There’s always going to be something new to discover when you step foot into any of our establishments. Get the low-down on all things Idaho Springs at https://thisisidahosprings.com.

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