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Too Cold To Exercise? NOPE!

Too Cold To Exercise? NOPE!

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities in or around Idaho Springs, but even the most avid outdoors person knows there’s a threshold for when it gets too cold outside.

So…now what? Do you hunker down indoors and chomp at the bit until the temperature rises to a bearable degree? It may be too cold for outdoor exercise, but Idaho Springs is full of indoor activities to keep you active. You’ll find a few of our favorites below!

The Yoga Room

Open seven days a week, The Yoga Room is the perfect opportunity to unplug and unwind in the cozy comfort of their indoor studio. Build muscle strength and improve balance and flexibility through The Yoga Room’s relaxation techniques. Learn more about their classes, workshops, and other offerings here!

Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District

The rec center in Idaho Springs is the place to go for a wide variety of activities. They offer indoor water aerobics, Pilates, Tae Kwon Do, weight lifting, and a lazy river—just to name a few. For more details about the rec center’s full range of options, click here!

Idaho Springs gets it—an active lifestyle shouldn’t have to rely on the weather. Don’t call it a day just because the temperature outside hits single digit numbers. Get your fix at one of Idaho Springs’ many indoor exercise opportunities!

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