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Sharing Information about Idaho Springs is a Breeze

Sharing Information about Idaho Springs is a Breeze

This IS Idaho Springs has made it even easier to share content from the website with your friend and family whom you may be visiting with. Found a great restaurant you’re dying to try? You can easily share their business page on This IS Idaho Springs. All of the information about Idaho Springs is right at your fingertips, and can be at the fingertips of your friends with the click of a button.

How Does It Work?

Just click the small “Share” icon that is in the bottom corner of your screen – right on desktop, left on mobile. All of your options for sharing will pop up.  If you just want to show everyone how awesome this town is, you can share it to your social media. If you want to send information about Idaho Springs to someone specific, you can email or text it to them with ease.

Watch the companion video to see how this Share button works in action:

What Can You Share?

The Share button is on every page of This IS Idaho Springs. No matter what cool information about Idaho Springs you want to share, there’s an easy way to do it. Show your friend all of the rafting options, your top picks for restaurants, or one of our informative blogs about everything and anything to do with this town.

The possibilities are endless with this new way to share information about Idaho Springs. Planning your trip and communicating plans with friends and family just got so much easier. Spend more time getting excited about your trip and all of the amazing things to come! Celebrate with your traveling companions the great trip you are going to experience. This is just another way we want to help you prepare for a great trip to or through Idaho Springs.

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