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Is Whitewater Rafting Safe?

Is Whitewater Rafting Safe?

Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports options available and there is no wonder why. The rush of rapids and a fantastic community surrounding the sport make it accessible to nearly everyone. With the increase in popularity comes a natural question for beginners to ask, is whitewater rafting safe?

How to Have a Safe Whitewater Rafting Trip

The quick answer is no. The safest thing you could do is lock your living room door and never leave the house. When participating in a thrilling activity there will always be an inherent danger. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting goes above and beyond when it comes to safety precautions, ensuring you never hit the river without a helmet and personal flotation device or vest. In addition, they provide wetsuits for your protection and warmth. Their guides are experienced and accompany every trip out on Clear Creek.

Those are some ways you can make your river trip safer, but there are more points to remember before suiting up and sending the closest rapid with your best friends. Staying safe does not mean having less fun. When everyone is safe, then everyone is having fun.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

According to the University of Nevada School of Medicine, acute rafting injuries most often happen when contact is made with another rafters paddle. Staying aware of your surroundings and of others is key to preventing injuries. You have a responsibility for the safety of your entire group, just as the group shares in the responsibility of your own safety. This becomes even more important as the season ends.

Clear Creek’s water levels peaked for this season. This means there is less water in the runs available to Rocky Mountain Whitewater. The trips are still a blast but do require intense spatial awareness. All of this being said, whitewater rafting is still statistically safer than an activity most people do multiple times a day. Driving. Rafters see incredibly small amounts of fatalities per year while drivers see 152 fatalities per million participant days.

In conclusion, is whitewater rafting safe? Not really, that is why Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting takes every precaution and sends only the best guides to ensure their guests’ safety. Staying aware of the dangers and of the safety for others creates a more fun environment for everyone! Don’t wait, there is still time to ace Clear Creek but the season is ending soon! Book today!

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