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You Don’t Want to Miss this Idaho Springs Outdoor Event

You Don’t Want to Miss this Idaho Springs Outdoor Event

Idaho Springs Outdoor Event: Miner Street Market

When thinking of Idaho Springs, you may think of a small, quaint and charming town with gorgeous mountain views. While all of this is true, Idaho Springs is home to the Miner Street Market, which offers endless fun for people of all ages! The Miner Street Market is an open-air market right in the heart of Idaho Springs. This exciting and entertaining Idaho Springs outdoor event features a petting zoo, weekly produce vendors, cornhole leagues, parades and even live music.

In addition to these engaging events, the open carry of alcohol is permitted on the third Saturday of every month, which means you are free to walk around Miner Street with your favorite cocktail, beer, wine or whatever you’re into! The atmosphere of this unique summer event can only be described as one of a kind.

Miner Street Market starts on May 13th, 2022, but there is also a summer kick off party June 3rd-5th!

Things to Do at Miner Street Market

Miner Street Market’s goal is to create a fun, safe and engaging space where pedestrians are free to walk anywhere along Miner Street. This fun, inviting street is filled with unique shops, restaurants, bars, breweries and more! Of course, what goes along perfectly with a fun outdoor event? Outdoor dining and patio seating! Restaurants along Miner Street open up their outdoor patios so you can immerse yourself in all the awesome things that this outdoor market offers. If you are there to enjoy a full meal or drinks and light fare, many local businesses have created their own outdoor dining space for you to immerse yourself in the fun of Miner Street Market. If you are interested in a mountain town market with activities for the whole family, this Idaho Spring event is just for you! Check out our website for more information on events, things to do and more!

Whether you’re a local, an Idaho Springs regular or a tourist just visiting for the day, the Miner Street Market outdoor event has something for everyone to enjoy!

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