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BFF – Bring Fido Fun

BFF – Bring Fido Fun

Idaho Springs IS for you… and your pets too!

Once your furry friends see this mountain town, they’ll want to stay forever. Idaho Springs is pet-friendly so you never have to face an adventure without them!

Walk your pets around town so they can experience all the sights, smells, and crisp winter air. They’ll run into plenty of smiling faces along the way. The Idaho Springs community is not just pet-friendly, they’re pet fanatics.

Idaho Springs offers everything you need for your pet to live a healthy life. Food, leashes, collars, treats, toys, and more can be found in stores throughout downtown. You will never be too far away from grabbing the necessities to keep your pet happy and healthy!

Downtown Idaho Springs also has plenty of patios so your furry friend can accompany you when you’re out and about. After all, they’re called man’s best friend for a reason. However, your pet may be more interested in the opportunity for long trail walks and adventures through the area surrounding the town. Spend a day exploring the mountains and the Clear Creek Greenway, and then bring them home to rest up for another day filled with fun.

If you’re visiting from out of town, plan ahead to find a hotel with pet accommodations. Some may charge a pet fee, but all the memories you will make with your furry friend by your side are well worth the small amount of money for them to stay in the town with you.

Last but not least… don’t forget about the photo opportunities! You’ll be able to see the excitement on your pet’s face every step of the way. Make sure to bring along a camera so you can snap photos (#ISforyou) that will last a lifetime. Trust us, everyone you know NEEDS to see a picture of your dog in the snow!

Idaho Springs is just begging you to come explore, and your pet shouldn’t have to miss out on the adventure! Bring them along and enjoy everything that Idaho Springs has to offer.

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