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Sip & Pick: Places in Idaho Springs With Jukeboxes

Sip & Pick: Places in Idaho Springs With Jukeboxes

Is it just us, or do our drinks seem to taste better when we’re listening to our favorite music? We’ve done our due diligence to find a few great places in Idaho Springs that have jukeboxes. Take a look for yourself and then spread the word!

Two Bears Tap & Grill

Two Bears Tap & Grill should extend their name to “Two Bears Tap & Grill & Jukebox & Live Music & Great Atmosphere.” Yeah, they have it all! At Two Bears, you’ll find a long list of great food and an even longer list of refreshing beer. If you happen to go on a night they have live entertainment…great! If not, no worries—you can hand-pick your entertainment with their jukebox! Get more information on Two Bears here.

Westwinds Tavern

Westwinds Tavern is known for two things: cold beer and warm faces. This dive bar is a hidden gem, but once discovered, you’ll keep coming back! The friendly staff will keep the drinks coming while you enjoy a game of pool or relax at the bar. And, of course, you know why they’re on this list…they have a jukebox so you can keep the good tunes—and times—rolling! Get more information on Westwinds Tavern here.

Elk’s Lodge

Deemed as an Idaho Springs historic landmark, Elk’s Lodge is a local favorite. Although memberships are required, Elk’s Lodge frequenters will tell you it’s well worth it. Grab a drink at the bar and head to the jukebox to queue your favorite songs! Get more information on Elk’s Lodge here.

If you’re interested in learning about all of the other bars and breweries in Idaho Springs, you’ve come to the right place. Head here to find the perfect place to quench your thirst!

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