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Project Angel Heart

Project Angel Heart

“An amazing system for providing meals to those too ill to prepare it for themselves.”  Giving back is very important to us at This IS Idaho Springs, and this is the perfect time of year to give a little extra! That’s why we’re partnering with 12 great charities in the Denver Metro area, such as Project Angel Heart, to highlight the great work that’s happening all year round!

What They Do

Project Angel Heart helps people with life-threatening illnesses obtain the food they need to regain their strength and recover. This is an issue that lacks visibility – many people don’t consider the unique dietary needs of individuals with these illnesses. Proper nutrition is so important but can be set aside due to high healthcare costs and difficulty finding transportation to grocery stores.

Project Angel Heart prepares medically tailored meals and delivers them to 1,200 ill individuals in Denver and Colorado Springs every week. They eliminate the need for people to determine what to eat and how to get it. Their registered dietician and professional chefs work together to create good food that does the job and positively affects the health of people living with critical illnesses.

Community Impact

Nutritious food is essential to everyone’s health and wellbeing. Providing health-focused food that is medically tailored for each individual and their illness allows people to regain their strength, maintain independence, and reduce their medical costs. Touching the lives of these individuals means being part of their story, which has the potential to impact countless other lives. To get involved in their efforts, visit their website and see how you can help.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Now that you know more about the great work of Project Angel Heart, vote for them to win a free video that can spread the word about who they are and what they do! 

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