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How Does Winter Weather Impact River Rafting Denver: Prepare for Summer 2023

How Does Winter Weather Impact River Rafting Denver: Prepare for Summer 2023

Currently, as of 12:00 a.m. on March 27, snowpack statewide is 141 percent of median! That means 16.9 inches of snow water equivalent inches! That amount of snow creates a snowpack throughout the year. Layers of snow form in high altitude and cold weather areas. The current snowpack is almost a month ahead of where we typically see snow water equivalent peak around April 8th.

Loveland Ski area has totaled 218 inches of snow which will help feed clear creek this summer!

When you think snowpack, you may think skiing, but we think river rafting Denver and an epic summer 2023!

How Does Winter Weather Impact River Rafting Denver:

As Colorado starts to thaw in the months of spring, temperatures increase. This means the snowpack starts to melt. It’s important that the snowpack is just right, not too high and not too low. Too high can create high water, and too low can turn into not enough water flow in Clear Creek.

High enough water allows obstacles to be appropriately covered so we can raft safely down Clear Creek. High water means a higher-than-normal water volume, caused by snowmelt and/or rain, which typically occurs in the late spring and early summer (late May thru June). How high a river can be run is influenced by the gradient and width of the river. Some narrow sections of Clear Creek may not be runnable in extremely high water, which is why we are always looking for the perfect amount of snowpack and consistent snowmelt.

What Can We Expect for Summer Rafting:

Colorado is known for spring snow. In fact, normally Denver’s snowiest months of the year are March and April. Already, the amount of snow and moisture seen in Colorado is indicating a great summer for rafting. Without the moisture provided by the snow, we would not be able to raft!

That being said, over the next few months, we’ll be keeping an eye on additional snow and rising temperatures A steady rise of temperatures thru late April and early May means a steady flow of water into Clear Creek and early indications of winter weather are looking like this summer is going to be great!

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