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Crafting Idaho Springs River Rafting
Whitewater rafting is the cream of the crop as far as Colorado adventures go. The exhilaration never disappoints, there are options for all skill levels, so you’re never bored, and you get the chance to experience the surrounding nature in all its glory. Idaho Springs river rafting is some of the best in the state […]
Clear Creek Rafting
350 Whitewater Rd.Idaho Springs CO 80452(303) 567 1000
Clear Creek Discount Liquor
2325 Miner St.Idaho Springs CO 80452(303) 567 2525
Clear Creek Outdoors
1524 Miner St.Idaho Springs CO 80452(303) 567 1500
Hand in Hand: Best River Trip Meals
Heading on a rafting adventure this summer? Being prepared is half the battle. When you’re suiting up or facing the rapids, you’ll want to make sure that you are properly fueled. Whether that’s with a big breakfast, food you packed, or a feast at the end of the day, how you eat effects how you […]
White Water Rafting Safety Isn’t a Maybe
Rafting along Clear Creek River is a fun and classic Idaho Springs past time that’s always a blast!  With the record levels of snow in the past year, the water levels are running high and so are our spirits! The high water levels aren’t always fun and games, so becoming educated on white water rafting […]
Idaho Springs History 101: Everything You Need to Know
Picture this: It’s cold, January 1859, and you’re out and about in the Colorado wilderness looking for some gold – casually, of course. You stumble upon what is now Idaho Springs and run across exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’ve struck gold. At the Start George Jackson discovered gold right off of the Clear […]
What’s the Reason for the Idaho Springs Rafting Season?
If you’ve ever been rafting, you know what an adventure it is – but when is the right time to plan your rafting trip? The Idaho Springs rafting season lasts from early to mid-May through the beginning of September When planning your summer trip to the beautiful state of Colorado, throw in a little bit […]
Smokin Yard’s: The Finest Idaho Springs BBQ
Smokin Yard’s BBQ understands what you want in your restaurant experience, and they are well-versed in providing it. Good meat and good service is the name of the game at this Idaho Springs BBQ restaurant. They pride themselves on serving only the best meats around, exclusively using locally-sourced Colorado cattle and fish.  These Rocky Mountain-grown, […]
AVA in Idaho Springs: Rafting Near Denver
We are here to remind you that nature isn’t cancelled! While events and indoor activities might be postponed or put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, the great outdoors is here to stay! AVA Rafting & Zipline is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. You can enjoy all sorts […]
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